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Dear Customers around the World,

We design and supply small, lightweight and unbreakable solar panels, small off-grid PV systems and complete solar powered devices to you in various industries.

Our powerful, lightweight and unbreakable solar panels made of crystalline silicon solar cells with FR-4, APS (aluminum composite sheet), carbon composite, polycarbonate, or magnesium substrate, and encapsulated by UV resistant special polymer offer exceptionally long life.

Our high capacity, small and lightweight Ni-MH, Li-Ion, AGM deep cycle batteries and electric double layer capacitors used for solar electric systems offer exceptional cyclic use with maintenance-free operation.

The superiority of those key components and sophisticated system design make our systems high performance, reliable and long life.

If you are in need of small off-grid PV systems of the highest quality, please contact us at:



Fax: +81-3-5423-6802

Air Mail: 1-101, City Court Meguro, 2-10-34, Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo 141-0021, Japan.

The following solar panels are our production samples. Please click to enlarge the images.

FR-4 substrate - suitable for micro panels.

FR-4 42mW Panel

Max. output: 42mW (0.48V 87mA)
Dimensions: 30X15X2mm

FR-4 0.22W Panel

Max. output: 0.22W (5.8V 39mA)
Dimensions: 30X75X3mm

FR-4 0.37W Panel

Max. output: 0.37W (5.8V 64mA)
Dimensions: 60X66X3mm

FR-4 0.93W Panel

Max. output: 0.93W (5.8V 161mA)
Dimensions: 58X160X4mm

FR-4 1.2W Panel

Max. output: 1.2W (4.8V 258mA)
Dimensions: 90X140X4mm

FR-4 1.5W Panel

Max. output: 1.5W (4.8V 310mA)
Dimensions: 115X115X4mm

FR-4 0.9W Panel

Max. output: 0.9W (5.8V 155mA)
Dimensions: 114X114X4mm

FR-4 1.0W Panel

Max. output: 1.0W (4.0V 250mA)
Dimensions: 114X114X4mm

FR-4 1.3W Panel

Max. output: 1.3W (5.8V 221mA)
Dimensions: 150X150X4mm

FR-4 1.5W Panel

Max. output: 1.5W (3.9V 388mA)
Dimensions: 150X150X4mm

FR-4 4W Panel

Max. output: 4.0W (17.4V 229mA) Dimensions: 170X200X4mm

APS (Aluminum / Polyethylene / Aluminum) substrate - robust and lighter than aluminum.

APS 1.5W Panel

Max. output: 1.5W (13.6V 111mA)
Dimensions: 115X135X5mm

APS 3W Panel

Max. output: 3.0W (5.8V 517mA)
Dimensions: 120X240X5mm

APS 5.4W Panel

Max. output: 5.4W (17.4V 310mA)
Dimensions: 221X221X5mm

APS 9W Panel

Max. output: 9.0W (17.4V 517mA)
Dimensions: 221X350X5mm

APS 20W Panel

Max. output: 20.2W (17.4V 1162mA) Dimensions: 324X504X5mm

Carbon composite substrate used for Violetta Solargear VS12 - super lightweight and robust, though expensive.

Carbon composite 0.66W Panel

Max. output: 0.66W (7.7V 85mA) Dimensions: 90X90X3mm

UV resistant polycarbonate substrate used for Violetta Solargear VS01 - ideal for mass productions.

Polycarbonate 0.75W Panel

Max. output: 0.75W (4.8V 155mA) Dimensions: 57.5X122X5.5mm

Magnesium substrate - lightweight and beautiful, though needs heat protection.

Magnesium 0.75W Panel

Max. output: 0.75W (4.8V 155mA) Dimensions: 57.5X122X4mm

Custom Solar PanelCustom Solar PanelCustom Solar PanelCustom Solar PanelCustom Solar PanelCustom Solar Panel
Custom Solar PanelCustom Solar PanelCustom Solar PanelCustom Solar PanelCustom Solar PanelCustom Solar Panel

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